Friday, November 14, 2008

Guest Speeker

This week in class we were lucky enough to have a guest speeker who just so happened to be UNCG alumni. She was a English major and she minored in the CARS program. I liked her the best out of all the speakers we have had so far.
She works for a company who makes fabrics and quilts. When I though of quilts I though of things that my grandmother makes. I was very wrong. the quilts her company sells are very modern and they are made with beautiful and bright colors. I actually would really like to have one. I also thought it was interesting that some fabric they made actually appeared on Grey's Anatomy.
I was so glad she came to speek to our class. She gave helpful advice and she was funny and entertaining. I hope she will be able to come back and speek another time. I don't like to compare people but she was lots better than the other speeker.