Wednesday, March 24, 2010


The ruffles in this brides dress resemble of the texture of waves crashing on the sand. 3/23/2010

The rose petals are smooth and cured like the ruffles at the top of this model’s dress. 3/32/2010

The lacy ruffles in her dress make a soft texture that resembles the softness of many feathers. 3/23/2010 3/23/2010

This dress and the curtains have the resemble each other because the way both of them are gathered makes the same texture effect. 3/23/2010 3/23/2010

The ruffles in this model’s dress are stiff like a coffee filter and it has ruffles like that of a coffee filter. 3/23/2010 3/23/2010

The fur on this girl’s coat is like that of a grizzly bear’s fur. They are both very thick and cozy. 2/23/2010 2/23/2010

The top of his hat is weaved like a basket creating the same texture. 3/23/2010 3/23/2010
The rectangle pieces on this J Crew dress resembles the texture on bark on a tree the way they are layered on top of each other. 3/23/2010