Friday, February 13, 2009


I took a VALS survey today. This is a survey that tells you about your personality as well as tells you about what you want out of life. It was a pretty helpful survey.

When i took the survey it said that I was an experiencer/achiever. I mostly agreed with this evaluation. I don't really think I am much of an achiever because i'm pretty lazy about most things. However, I do believe i am an experiencer all the way because I am a huge consumer. I also can get really excited about something very quick and forget about it like the next day.

I believe the people who shop at Eddie Bauer are experiencers. They like to go on adventures and they get excited about things easily. They are also huge consumers. Eddie Bauer makes Ford Explorers which are the ultimate consumer mobile. So I think that all the qualities of the target customer for Eddie Bauer are the qualities of an experiencer to a tee.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

J. Crew History

Last week I talked about why J. Crew is my favorite retailer. After a little research I learned so much about this company. J. Crew was founded by Mitchell Cinader and Saul Charles in 1947 selling reduced price woman’s clothing. In 1983, J. Crew started mailing out catalogs and that is when they really took off.
Currently J. Crew has approximately 6,800 employees and they gross $824.2 million every year. Even in a falling economy, for J. Crew, business is booming. J. Crew has done so well throughout the years because it’s consistent know they can always count on them for their signature classic styles. They are also known for using the best materials and fabrics.
Now that president Obama’s daughters wore J. Crew on his inauguration day, the children’s line is doing better than it has ever done before. Classic looks never go out of style and J. Crew does classic styles with a trendy twist. This combination has been getting the attention of people of all ages for years. J. Crew, like it’s designs, will never go out of style.