Friday, January 30, 2009

My Favorite Retailer

By far, my favorite retailer of all time has to be J. Crew. J. Crew is my favorite place to shop either in store or online. The designs are classic and never go out of style. J. Crew also designs a wide range of items. They sale everything from swim suits to wedding dresses.
Not only is J. Crew my favorite but it has recently gained more popularity. Obama’s daughters ever wore J. Crew designs on his inauguration day. The designs were classic, yet stylish and appropriate. J. Crew always has something perfect for every occasion.
One of big reason I have fallen in love with this retailer is that it matches my style to a tee. I am a fan of the classic, timeless, preppy look. All ages can wear these designs, which is why I put up the picture I did. No matter what age you are, these designs are age appropriate for you. I find every design just irresistible. I even plan to wear a J. Crew wedding dress when I one day get married.

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